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Within the diversification of activities ŠKODA SLOVAKIA, a.s. expanded its activities in hydropower segment. We have concluded the entry into this market by contract - overhaul of dams Liptovská Mara and Čierny Váh. From that time we have been participating in many activities within the hydroelectric power in the territory of Slovakia.

The company was the first and the only one in Central and Eastern Europe that carried out repairs of cavitation chambers parts of turbine impellers in Liptovská Mara by welding technology.

Cavitation of impeller chambers and impellers themselves belong to standard problems of every running hydropower plant. These geometric changes mean reducing performance and total serviceable life.

We have gained experience and professional knowledge during revisions and reconstructions of waterworks, scuh as Gabčíkovo - pumping station Dedinský Ostrov, which led to collaboration with other professionals and companies in the field of hydropower. In 2006 we successfully started to operate in other area specifically in a turnkey construction of small hydropower plants. During the construction of small HPP Trenčianske Biskupice our company figured as a general contractor. Gradually, our company has won significant contracts for the construction of small HPP (Hričov, Dolné Kočkovce and Trenčianske Biskupice) and participated in unit repairs and individual components repairs of small HPP (barriers, lifting equipment, quick-closing barriers), engineering and managing of such activities. Working with experts, as well as the realization of mentioned works, is reflected in improvement and complexity of our offered activities.

Our company offers activities of construction and technical supervision (HPP Hronská Dúbrava, as well as turnkey supply of water dams (HPP Šalková). The company is going to continue in this field since the acquisition of renewable energy is in accordance with the energy policy of the Slovak Republic and the European Union.